The right tone for the best result

We assist you with your claim

We have been active in the debt collection industry for over one hundred years. By listening well to all involved parties, we do realize like no other that the right tone will lead to the best result. Of course, you have to be aware of how to make that happen…

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Collection of claims

Getting into payment problems yourself, all because debtors do not pay the invoices. As an entrepreneur, you don’t want to think about that…
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Collection medical expense claims

A healthcare specialist is also an entrepreneur in addition to a care provider. Getting the expense claims paid in time is also of great importance in this industry for good business operations…
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Collection of subscription fees

In recent decades we accumulated a lot of experience in the successful collection of subscription fees. This has not gone unnoticed by many publishers and media companies…
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International claims

Unpaid invoices are annoying, especially if it concerns foreign customers. For successful international collection, knowledge of the local market is decisive…
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Accounts receivable management

Good accounts receivable management hinges on its proper organisation. Supporting clients in this is therefore an important activity…

Our working method

As a conductor looking for the space between the notes for a good performance, we always attempt to find the right tone to collect a claim by amicable means.

The art of listening to the other to arrive at a good dialogue/solution from there, is an undeniable part of our company DNA and, in our opinion, crucial for the successfully handling of a debt collection.

This customer-friendly yet effective way of collection is embedded in our processes and is safeguarded by our ISO 27001 quality manual.

Its result translates into an increased success rate in collecting your claim and a decrease of your default risk and DSO.

The right tone for the best result.

Strike the right tone too…

We are proud of the years of collaboration with, among others, following relationships. Of course, we will gladly add you to them.