Collection of subscription fees

Collection of subscription fees

The collection of subscription fees is a speciality of our office. We can safely say that we are pioneers in this field. By now, many publishers of digital and print content, professional journals, general interest magazines and newspapers have been satisfactorily making use of this form of service provision for years.

Besides, during the past years several parties, being busy in a professional way with subscription management, have found their way to our office.

The reason for this is that we gladly share our years of expertise and expertise in this field with our clients and actively assist them with the setup of the reminder procedure to effectively collect subscription receivables. All this from the knowledge that it is possible to collect overdue subscription fees successfully and maintain the relationship with the subscriber.

Supported by our data-driven systems, high-performance communication technologies and sophisticated use of software, we are capable of ensuring that the exchange of information between our office and our clients takes place as efficiently as possible. In addition, we are holder of the Debt Collection Quality Mark and ISO 27001 certified, which provides extra assurance for you.

The tone that makes the music

Thanks to our years of experience, we have learned that one customer is not like another. While one customer reacts well to an email, the other appreciates a telephone call. Listening carefully, personal attention and our years of experience ensure the best result.

Possible outcomes

We normally always start a collection procedure by amicable means. This trajectory has four possible outcomes:

  • Immediate payment
    As a result of our action, the subscriber immediately pays the total debt, including interest and collection costs.
  • Payment scheme
    The subscriber does not have the option of paying the claim at once. We will then make payment arrangements in consultation with the customer in question and oversee compliance.
  • Compromise
    It occurs that the outstanding payment appears to be related to disagreement about the quality of the delivery or related matters. In such cases we attempt to act as an intermediary and arrive at a compromise acceptable for both parties.
  • No response whatsoever
    Of course, it may happen to us just like it did to you and we may also not get any response. In that case we will inform you about the legal feasibility of the claim and whether an awardable judgment may also be realised. At that time, you determine whether or not to proceed to take legal measures or if you want to refrain from doing so.

Personal introduction

Just like we enter into a dialogue with the debtors of our relationships, we also like to personally meet new clients. You are therefore very welcome for an introductory meeting with us at our office in Baarn. We will, of course, be happy to visit you with equal pleasure.

Do not hesitate to call us or make an appointment using the website. We are happy to talk to you.

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