Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

After receiving your complaint, you normally receive a written confirmation from Plaggemars Incasso within 2 working days after your complaint is taken into consideration.

To the extent applicable, specify the following information along with your complaint:

  • File number;
  • Your name, company name, full address, your (mobile) telephone number and email address;
  • A clear, short and concise description of your complaint.

Your complaint is categorised on the basis of this, in accordance with the complaints procedure, and an internal examination is started, where the aim is to give you a substantive response to your complaint within 14 working days. If this period is not feasible, you will be notified accordingly.

Plaggemars Incasso is member of the Dutch Association of Debt Collection Agencies (NVI) and conforms to the complaints procedure of the KIGID.

If our response to your complaint is not satisfactory to you, you therefore have the possibility to make use of this dispute regulation through our association and you can contact the Dutch Association of Debt Collection Agencies, PO box 1004 in 3800 BA Amersfoort or visit

Attention: the KIGID only tests whether Plaggemars Incasso adheres to the standards of behaviour. Assessing the substance of a claim is not up to the KIGID, but reserved to the court.

A complaint?

You can make this known by email or by mail to our office. Send a letter to:
Plaggemars Incasso
PO box 201
3740 AE Baarn

Or click on the button and report your complaint by email.

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