Privacy Statement

Privacy statement


Privacy Statement Debt Collection Agency Plaggemars B.V., hereinafter referred to as: Plaggemars Incasso

This Privacy Statement entered into effect on 23-08-2018

Plaggemars Incasso is convinced that the protection of and respect for privacy of its stakeholders (such as employees, customers, debtors and other relationships) is of great importance. Personal information is treated with the utmost possible care.

We cannot exercise our business activities without processing certain personal information. We deem it to be of importance here that the processing of personal information takes place in a manner which is in accordance with the existing safeguards for privacy protection. Here we follow the existing legal rules for the protection of personal information, namely the `General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)´.

Plaggemars Incasso observes the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation in all cases.

Notification requirement

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) features a notification requirement. This obligation comprises that, in principle, all fully or partially automated processing of personal information has to be registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP). Protection Authority (AP) keeps a public register which notes all (changes of the) processing, along with some characteristics of those processing operations such as the purpose or purposes, the type of involved parties and the categories of data The public register of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (PA) can be found at the website:

Distinguish role as controller versus processor

To the extent that our client determines the purposes and the means of data processing of the personal information of its debtors, our client is the controller of its own personal information. If this is agreed upon in writing, Plaggemars Incasso will process this personal information on the instructions of its client as processor. As processor, Plaggemars Incasso will ensure suitable technical and organisational measures to the best of its ability in order to secure the personal information against loss or any form of unlawful processing.

In this Privacy Statement, Plaggemars Incasso informs you about the manner in which it handles your personal information as controller.

Distinction between personal information and anonymous data

Plaggemars Incasso distinguishes personal information from anonymous data.

Personal information is the data on basis of which your identity can be traced, such as your name, address, email address, telephone number and age. Plaggemars Incasso may obtain access to your personal information in various ways. First of all, you may have provided this personal information yourself through this website or otherwise. In addition, Plaggemars Incasso may have acquired your personal information from its clients or from data suppliers.

Anonymous data is data which cannot (or no longer) be traced back to your identity. An important and common example of anonymous data is the IP address. When you visit our website, it is necessary to collect certain information in order for the connection to proceed smoothly. If you request a webpage, it is necessary for the web server to know where the page needs to go to. Your IP address is used for this. This is a number sequence which is automatically assigned by your internet provider to your computer each time you log in to the internet, so that your computer can be identified.

For which purposes does Plaggemars Incasso use your personal information?

We may process your personal information for the following purposes:
1. to be able to arrive at the collection of the claims assigned to us by our clients;
2. on the basis of actual and historical (payment) information pertaining to inter alia (the results from) collection,
to arrive at a database on the basis of which a scoring value or risk profile may be determined,
with which the likelihood of recoverability may be estimated;
3. contributing to the prevention of over-indebtedness by means of our services,
the minimisation of payment risks and other problematic debt situations among those involved.

Plaggemars Incasso processes the personal information solely for the abovementioned purposes, which are also registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP).

Plaggemars Incasso may make the data available to third parties which are involved in the processing and execution of the specified purposes. Plaggemars Incasso has concluded processing agreements with these third parties.

Plaggemars Incasso stores your data for as long as this is necessary to be able to safeguard the service provision, or is obligated to this pursuant to legal requirements, including for example tax regulations.

Security personal information

Plaggemars Incasso handles personal information with the utmost care and ensures, along with any processors, for a suitable organisational and technical security of its files in which the personal information is stored. In this way we ensure that this data is only accessible for persons who are competent to do so pursuant to their position and that the data is only used for the purposes for which it is acquired.

External links

This website may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or the content of these other websites. We recommend that you take note of the privacy statements on these websites.

Rights pertaining to the processing of personal information

You have the right to, within the context of the General Data Protection Regulation, have access to personal information which Plaggemars Incasso processes from you, to have it changed or to have it deleted.

Requests for access to the own personal information may be submitted in writing to the postal address of Plaggemars Incasso with reference to Access Personal Information and accompanied by a copy of a valid proof of identification. Furthermore, the applicant needs to note the private postal address and the file number as well as place a signature. You will receive an overview of your data within 1 month, or you will receive a response to your request.

IIf Plaggemars Incasso has complied with a request to improve or add to your data, it will communicate to third parties to whom this data is provided, about the changes made. If the request is unfounded or excessive, Plaggemars Incasso is allowed to request a reasonable compensation or refuse the request.

You may submit a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) about the processing of your data by Plaggemars Incasso, or the way Plaggemars Incasso deals with your rights.

Amendment Privacy Statement

We may amend this Privacy Statement at all times and with or without notification. We therefore recommend that you consult this Privacy Statement again from time to time so that you are aware of any changes in this Privacy Statement.

Questions, comments or complaints

If you have questions which are not answered in this Privacy Statement, if you have suggestions or comments about its content, or if you want to have access to your personal information or change it, or have complaints about the way Plaggemars Incasso has handled your personal information, then you can look at our website for additional information, or let us know by sending a letter or email with reference to ‘Privacy’.
By doing so, we can prevent problems or concerns from persisting.

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